"All right. Rate your topic on a scale of Minus 10 to Plus 10 as it seems to you right at this moment."

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#Plus (SUSHI) scale
+10Totally calm, serene, expansive, "blown out." Nothing short of an utter disaster could conceivably shatter this state while it lasts (hours at least).
+9Like +10, but briefer in duration. Impossible to find any charge on anything, although if you take a break for half an hour you might be able to find something later on.
+8Can't find any charge right this moment, but feels like you'll be able to dig some up in a few minutes.
+7Very hard to find anything that is charged, and if you do it will tend to go away quickly.
+6You can find charged stuff to stir up, but it is hard. Feeling good to the point that you begin to think nothing could immediately knock you down from the way you feel.
+5Can stir up and discharge stuff OK. Moderately happy, but can still stir up a new hot topic by putting attention on it and working out how it applies in one's own life.
+4Can stir up and discharge stuff OK. Feel somewhat good to the point that anything unpleasant that came to mind could be easily dismissed if you wanted to.
+3Can stir up and discharge stuff OK. Mildly happy, to the point that you notice it.
+2A little bit happy, but not noticeable unless you took care to pay attention to your feelings and then realize, "Yes, I don't actually feel bad."
+1No particular feeling obvious. If you took special effort you might feel something pleasant but not much.
0So-so, feel neither good nor bad. No particular attention above this point on topic just flattened, although it is OK to have it in mind.

Notes 1:

Positive section (SUSHI)

There is no Plus scale in Wikipedia. All the positive points are smushed into the one point on the SUDS scale that scores "0" and says:

Peace, serenity, total relief. No more anxiety of any kind about any particular issue.

SUE scale

A Subjective Units of Experience scale was suggested in 2011 which goes from -10 to +10, but this seems to consist of merely a chart of the bare numbers with no description of any of the items, not even the negative ones.

SUSHI scale

So a Plus section of the scale has been created for PaulsRobot. SUSHI = Subjective Units of Session Harmony and Insight.

Notes 2:

Basis for guidelines

The individual SUSHI points have been differentiated mainly on their use in and applicability to sessions, and not so much on how one feels (although that does play a part too).

A normal session should go along fine with items being addressed and discharged. After an item has been discharged the usual state of the client will be shown by one of the Plus points. The big question is, how easily is the client able to stir up another item to address? At the bottom of the positive scale, the client will have no problem at all in stirring up something else to address. At the top of the scale she won't have a snowball's chance in hell of doing so. In the middle of the scale, maybe she will and maybe she won't.